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Welcome to Volterra, a beautiful walled hilltown amid the hills of the valleys of central Tuscany.

Volterra is a secluded gem, and a layer-cake of history, dating back 5,000 years. There is plenty to see and do, with museums (including one of the oldest museums in the world), galleries, theatres, shops and many dining options.

It is also a truly lived-in place, as well as being a day-time destination for tourists, so reward yourself with overnight stays in its hotels, or one of the many surrounding agritourismi.

Welcome to this little slice of paradise on Earth!

Eoin & Niamh.

The Livorno Foodmarket (29/08/2022)

My brother likes to hike, so that day we started from the apartment (well, duh!), and went to the main viewpoint at Piazza Martiri della Libertà, and continued downhill all the way to the bus parking station. We went back uphill a little to Viale dei Filosofi and circumnavigated along the walls as far as…

Markets, Crossbows and another guest! (27 & 28/08/2022)

Market day! Yes, Saturday means market day in Volterra. During the tourist season, it sends to be on in the Vallebona carpark outside the walls, rather than in Piazza dei Priori, Via Roma and Piazza San Giovanni. It tends to be a little smaller as a result – not just as a result of a…

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