As I appear to be getting more traffic, I thought I’d clarify some stuff.

I am a regular guy who happens to be in love with Volterra and its surrounding area. I am not getting paid by any company or entity to produce my content, nor am I making any money in any way from the production of same.

I do not represent Italian, Tuscan or Volterran information or tourism agencies. Please seek professional advice about re-settling or visiting the area in general. I can only give you my subjective opinion.

While I write about what we do in Volterra, and Italy in general, I am not a reliable cultural guide, and I am only finding my feet here. Similarly, I cannot provide any legal guidance with respect to property purchasing and all the process which derives therefrom. I can explain what we did, but you should always seek proper professional advice in respect of realty or property purchase.

The opinions expressed herein are my own, and not those of my Employer.