Shaking off a Stomach Bug

Shaking off a Stomach Bug

My stomach was acting up for much of yesterday, and so I didn’t have enough confidence to go far from the apartment until that evening.  I got a little better later on, and I had a couple of beers and the rest of Niamh’s ragu with spaghetti.  It gets better after a day, when the flavours are allowed meld.  

That evening we all went out for a walk, and our guest and I polished off an gelato from L’Isola del Gusto.  

Much of the day was spent screen-watching, although I did write 700-800 words yesterday, so yay!

Wow.  Nighttime shots on the iPhone are a bit on the crap side.

We heard back from the furniture store (at last), and they are going to deliver our wardrobe, TV cabinet and bedside lockers this Saturday.  I learned on my walk this morning that a motorbike rally will take place between Saline and Volterra this Saturday and Sunday, and so that road may be closed off for long portions.  The delivery van should be coming in the Pisa road, though.

So yeah, my tummy was trustworthy enough this morning to warrant a walk.  I went all the way around the walls again (about 4.5km), but took the anti-clockwise route out the gate closest to us.  It was invigorating!

Low-lying banks of cloud made islands of some of the hilltops again, and it never fails to impress.  The photos don’t do it justice.

No set plans today, but with my stomach seemingly behaving itself, we might take the car out and go somewhere!


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