Day: November 28, 2020

Exploring La Fontana dei Ponti – 03/08/2020

Exploring La Fontana dei Ponti – 03/08/2020

Another day in paradise, which is to say we spent Bank Holiday Monday in Volterra. I’m pretty sure we went food shopping in Conad City that day. We must have spent an awful lot of it screen-watching, before heading out for a walk.

We headed towards the prison, and then doubled-backed towards the municipal park, admiring a huge beetle on the way (maybe a Rhino Beetle?).

There’s a small snack cabin and seating area just off the park, which we have rarely used. It was closed that day, but lately some work had been carried out on a tall stacked fountain called La Fontana dei Ponti – it’s visible from the road (Viale dei Ponti) leading up to the famous Volterran vista. Some restoration work had begun on it, and I’m pretty sure that walkways which were previously unavailable were reopened. They started off this snack area, so Niamh and I had a walk around the parts of the fountain we could.

Sadly some of it is still defaced by graffiti, so I hope they can do something to clean it up.

Afterwards we went home, and Niamh cooked up some ravioli with sage and butter sauce. It was yum!

Screen-watching and bed – we were back in work tomorrow for a couple more days before our actual holiday kicked in.