Day: December 4, 2020

Hospital Stroll – 06/08/2020

Hospital Stroll – 06/08/2020

We both got up, left the trash down (I presume!), and Niamh took me on a walk she’d done before. There were parts of it I hadn’t been on before, so that was pretty cool.

We walked to Volterra’s hospital, and were greeted by the art installation that had graced the cathedral square a couple of years ago. It’s an interesting display, but perhaps a little depressing, given its location.

On we went, past apartment buildings I was unfamiliar with (including an abandoned one), and past a church I’d only seen in photos. To pay Niamh back, I took her to the entrance to the old psychiatric hospital, and then back through town again. A good, long stroll!

We hung around the apartment screenwatching until lunch. We made good on our promise to visit the waiter in Porgi l’Altra Pancia – handy too, as it is just down the steps from us. Niamh had a form of Caprese salad, and I just stuck with my usual Zuppa alla Volterrana. I remember the soup being yummy.

And back upstairs for a lazy day in the apartment. It just gets too warm in August to go wandering.

In the evening, I was sent out to grab some takeaway pizza at Pizzeria Da Nanni. I’d heard good things about it, but while the resulting pizzas were taste enough I guess, they was a little overdone. Ah well. I’ll have to give them another chance at some stage, but my favourite pizzeria in Volterra remains Pizzeria Ombra della Sera for now.

After we’d eaten back at the apartment, I dollied myself up and headed out to try out the iPhone 11 Pro’s night-time photo capabilities. I was impressed, but the ambient lighting is very much overstated. Pale greens come out as ‘very’ greens etc. Still, a million times better than the grainy efforts I used to get using the iPhone 7.

It all seems very quiet in Volterra. But things were about to change.