Another Visitor

We got up early together to travel to Pisa to pick up another visitor: one of my brothers. It was the same flight as our previous visitor, and, as before, it landed 15 minutes early. He arrived safely, and had my long-lost wallet with him, so off we went to Hertz to get me added […]

Blogflash: Take a bow, Querceto!

Seeing as I won’t be posting tomorrow, and that we actually changed our plans today – I have a quickie for you. Ever since I came to Volterra and scanned the neighbouring villages, I’ve been wanting to go to Querceto.  It’s a beautiful hamlet on the edge of a densely forested area (on a hilltop, […]

An Anniversary Meal at Del Duca

The title of this blog isn’t only the highlight, but it about the only thing we did all day!  We lounged and watched telly.  Carnival Row has started streaming on Amazon Prime, so we watched the first episode of that.  Seems good so far: excellent visual production quality, writing and acting – just the music […]

Montegemoli and a Cheat Meal

Later in the morning, we walked to the car and made for Montegemoli. I knew it was only a little hamlet, but it’s supposed to have a fabulous restaurant: Osteria dell’Ultimo Carbonaio (Hostelry of the Last Charcoal Pile – I’m thinking BBQ, although it’s not a BBQ place). I got in the car and selected […]

A Couple of Walks and the Trouble with TIM

I dropped the bin down yesterday, and bumped into our neighbour, who’d been at the seaside for the last month.  His skin was as brown as an oak’s.  Fair play to him. While I sat in and wrote, (the guts of 1,000 words – yay me!) Niamh went out for a walk.  She took a […]

Goodbye dosh, plus The Museum of Sacred Art

The furniture store in Navacchio still hadn’t been in touch, so we decided to check out the artist’s store and afterwards head into the less interesting looking part of Colle di Val d’Elsa to purchase a single chair. The artist is a lady, who is wildly effusive about her work, and from looking at her […]

A Lazy Day, Mostly In

It doesn’t bode well for the readers’ interest when most of the photos today are from this morning’s walk. It took me a while to draft yesterday’s blog, so after I’d showered we didn’t have much time before lunch to head out to Conad – a local supermarket. We need to get replacement trash bags […]

The Original Sword in the Stone, and Casole d’Elsa

Warning: the following post is photo-heavy. It is the popular opinion of folklorists that the Arthurian legend of the Sword in the Stone was inspired by Saint Galgano, who plunged his own weapon through rock, in an act of piety.  And there, today, it still rests, in the rotunda of a chapel on the hill […]

Soup, and the ‘Ludus Balistris’ – Crossbow Competition

A little after breakfast, we went to the Saturday market to buy some fresh veggies for a version of Zuppa alla Contadina (peasant soup).  There weren’t any fresh peasants around, so we had to settle for the vegetarian option! We got almost all the fresh veg we wanted, except for Cavalo Nero (black cabbage; kale, […]

The Psychiatric Hospital Exhibit

We’re still settling into a lifestyle here, which borders on ‘normal’.  The threat of bad weather still looms and we’re a little wary of travelling at the moment.  At the time of writing this, it’s actually raining and I’ve had to skip my walk. Anyway, we fluted about most of yesterday, but did go to […]