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All is Quiet in Peccioli

All is Quiet in Peccioli

Our guest wanted to assist us with getting some sort of environmental solution in, other than having to rely on fans. Niamh looked up mobile air-conditioning units in Comet, and then we went off to their branch in Pontedera to see what we could get. I’d previously remembered it as a bit of a dull drive, but as we went along this time, I found it quite pleasant. The second half of it is rather flat, but there are still hillside villages dotted about to go ‘oooh’ and ‘ahhh’ at.

We got there, and found they only had units which needed to be fixed to the wall, and were very expensive. No sign of any of the products on the website. I asked one of the store’s assistants, and she confirmed that they no longer had any of that stock. In addition, she said that there was no other large domestic electrical retailer around, unless we wanted to see if the CoOp had anything. It wasn’t a wasted journey, though, as Niamh grabbed a pasta-hanger, an egg brush and a fancy food processor.

Driving to the CoOp took all of a minute as it’s not too far at all from the Comet.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have anything there either, but we did get some plums and felt padding for our chair in the sitting room.  No more groaning as we pull it into position!  I also took this photo, which proves I am 47, going on 8.


On the way back, we decided to stop off at Peccioli.  We’d driven by the old town a couple of dozen times now, and never visited it.  The bell-tower in the distance always intrigued us, as it looked almost Moorish from a distance.  We were also hungry enough to have a two-course lunch, and were on the hunt for a good, sit-down restaurant.

Peccioli was, unfortunately, as shut as it was pretty.  There were a couple of bars open and I did see an enoteca, but it was advertising pizza and cold platters, so we didn’t bother going in.  I suspect it was called Il Grano E L’Uva, and if so, going by the TripAdvisor page, it looks like we might have missed out!  The town probably doesn’t get a lot of tourist traffic, and is probably busier from June through August.  I know it had a Moon festival sometime in July.  So we left hungry, but still impressed with this nice little village.

We high-tailed it home to Volterra, parked in a pay-spot just outside our gate (residents get two free hours parking in pay-spots), and went to Il Pozzo degli Etruschi for food.  Strangely, they didn’t have wild boar sauce to go with the pappardelle our guest wanted (they had dove sauce, which I ordered!), nor did they have the boar cutlets Niamh wanted.  She opted instead for a Chianina beef sauce (yummy) and our guest went for spag-bol.  Niamh also got grilled veggies, while I went for steamed.  We all seemed quite happy after the meal.


I must have been exhaling in that photo! 😦

Our guest and I grabbed the shopping from the car and carried it back up to the apartment.  Niamh took the car to our residents car park, but unfortunately our luck had finally run out – she had to wait 10 minutes or so for someone to pull-out so she could park.  Meanwhile, I was happy watching telly. 

We stayed in for the rest of the day – we were all a little bushed.  Our guest and I did go out at around 19:45 for sandwiches from La Sosta del Priore.  When I say ‘sandwiches’, I also include burgers in that definition.  As always, they were delicious.  

We sat back and watched a couple of episodes of Conan Without Borders on Netflix and hit the sack.

Our walk this morning took us down to the stairs at Docciola, and up past view looking down at the hospital/asylum area – then up to the prison gate and past the entrances to the park (which was closed, unfortunately).  We spent a couple more minutes at the panoramic viewpoint taking snaps before heading to the pasticceria.  If ‘C’ can be short for ‘Cream’, then my breakfast this morning consisted of plenty of vitamin C! 

No travel plans today.  Niamh is going to have a crack at making pasta, and I will make a ragu to go with it (hopefully lamb).  We also have to see about getting a frame for that art I bought, seeing if the other picture we were getting framed is ready, and hanging up as much as we can!

There will also be no blog tomorrow, as we have to go to Pisa to drop my brother off at the airport for his flight home.  Another guest that will be missed!