Day: July 26, 2019

T-minus One

We’re flying tomorrow, and are stupidly excited about it. I have a minor chest infection I’m trying to shake, which is impacting my breathing a little, so hauling suitcases around a hilltown to the top floor of our block should prove nicely challenging!

I *think* we have everything prepped for our nine-week absence:

  • Fridge emptied of spoilable goods
  • House security/sitting arrangements made
  • Bins ready to be put out over the weekend
  • Cash transferred
  • Lift to the airport arranged (thanks to my brother!)
  • Packed! (Well, duh!) ¬†Sufficient electronics stowed and ready-to-go, along with peripherals like headphones and rechargers, and, of course, the ubiquitous Ireland-to-Continent plug adaptors
  • The cats will be housed early tomorrow morning
  • Sunglasses, books and audiobooks!

Just one more thing: can someone do something about the weather for the weekend?!