A blurry day – 24/07/2020

A blurry day – 24/07/2020

The problem with much of the first two weeks of our stay this time, is that because we were working, we either didn’t do too much that was interesting, or I don’t remember it!

I remember a few things about today, though. Firstly, we woke to this:

What a beautiful sight it was. It meant we could work again without messing around with phone data. However, before we got back to the grindstone, we got up earlier and headed off to the CoOp supermarket to grab some stuff for lunches and dinners. We didn’t take photos of that, but we took a couple of snaps from our terrace.

We worked, and I decided to head out to La Sosta dei Priori just a short walk away from the apartment (the stairs notwithstanding).

Once work was completed, we decided to have our first walk about town. I had purchased Sandmarc lenses for my iPhone 11 Pro, and wanted to try them out. Turns out I didn’t as the standard lenses on that phone were great – the wide lens being particilarly useful. I think I tried tagging on a 2x onto the iPhone’s 2x to give me a go at a 4x zoomed shot. Here’s a bunch of photos!

I haven’t a badgers what we had for dinner, and what else we did that evening – sorry! Later days will bring back more, less work-related, memories!

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