A Tale of Two Walks – 29/07/2020

A Tale of Two Walks – 29/07/2020

The hump of the working week. What we did, I can’t say… at least pre-dinner time. We must have eaten in for lunch. Before, we started, though, we went for a walk.

As we are an hour ahead, we have to work ‘later’ than we normally do while over in Italy. Due to the early start with having to bring out the trash almost every morning, it can make the working day seem very long (but perfectly fine for holidays!). We went to Da Beppino for dinner that night. I had been hoping they still had the lamb ragu on the menu, but sadly they didn’t. Instead, I had pici with a Chianina beef ragu, and Niamh had pici carbonara. I thought mine was pretty good. Sadly, Niamh’s was way too heavy (in hindsight pici is a thick and heavy noodle, and served with carbonara isn’t a great idea) and the egg had split in the sauce – she maybe just ate a third of it. She declared her distaste to the very surprised waiter. I don’t think we got anything off the bill! My dish is pictured below.

Afterwards, we had a happy walk around the usual sights, and managed to catch the sunset. I remember being genuinely happy that evening, the indifferent food notwithstanding.

I might skip a separate blog for the 30th, as I only have a handful of photos from the evening. I must have been testing out the nighttime ability of the iPhone 11’s camera. It really is excellent, compared to the old iPhone 7’s:

I must have been in a bit of a state that day, to have skipped on the walk. Sadly, anxiety can sap your will to do anything recreational or creative.

In happier news, our company had given everyone an extra day off leading into the August Bank holiday weekend, and so we actually went somewhere new on the 31st! More on that soon!

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