Another Stay Staycation – 01/08/2020

Another Stay Staycation – 01/08/2020

Soooo… Saturday means market day!

And then, to our chagrin, we must have stayed in all the live-long day, until the evening, when we went for a stroll after having some pizza in the Irish Bar (Quo Vadis). My drink was a virgin Mojito (gastritis), and it was incredible refreshing – top marks there!

The pizzas were tasty too. I had the house pizza (a pizza bianca) another day, and it was fab. I digress… we toddled around, and I tried to snap things that I hadn’t captured too often before (as well as some usual sights, of course).

And that was all she wrote! Sorry about that… but we had a more exciting day on Sunday. I’ll post that up over the next day or two.

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