Keeping it safe in Volterra – 26/07/2020

Keeping it safe in Volterra – 26/07/2020

Well, I’m jiggered if I know what we did the first Sunday we spent! Pretty sure we didn’t go to mass. But anyway, we had lunch in the apartment – a selection of cheeses and salumi. That’ll do!

The baldy head on me standing over the grub, taking the photo! I remember the food was yummy (why wouldn’t it be?)!

Then for some reason, we got the bins ready for Monday morning. Sunday is the only day that bin collection doesn’t take place.

I hope it gets more interesting than this!

One thing I do remember was the waiter in the restaurant right next door to the apartment. It’s called Porgi l’Altra Pancia (meaning ‘Grow another belly’, which always makes me smile). He recognised me, having worked in Ristorante Etruria in the main piazza. We had a brief, friendly conversation wherein I, once again, felt right at home among the people.

Afterwards, I grabbed my Sandmarc phone lenses and we headed outside for a walk.

God, she’s just a gorgeous town. I grabbed a couple of shots using the macro lens – I think this might have been the only time I used the macro lens over here!

And then continued on our way…

That evening we went to Ristorante Etruria for some grilled meats and fries. I remember Niamh’s (boar cutlets) being better than mine (ribs, which were tasty, but came with a lot of gristle – and hence were quite inexpensive – I should have realised). We were given by now what is the obligatory half-bottle of Chianti by the staff. We took a couple of snaps on our way home, including this arched entrance – which is the way into our apartment block.

And then some screen-watching, followed by bed. I remember that we were a little more adventurous during our actual holiday period, so please bear with me!

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