Work, Bank, Work – 27/07/2020

Work, Bank, Work – 27/07/2020

Back to work after the weekend – but this time with our sexy new monitors – they made everything so much easier. But beforehand, we went out for a quick walk after dropping the trash down for collection.

We had to take a break mid-morning to visit the bank to sort out issues using the access fob and code-generator for our Italian online-banking. Here’s a photo taken while we were waiting, taken from inside one of the doors..

It took a little while, but we were sorted by the dude who always deals with us there – so, thanks Signore Castelli!

Regrettably, I didn’t document what we had to eat, but I doubt we ate out. This was probably a feature of my having gastritis. I’m not as head-over heels in love with my food as I used to be. Anyway, I’m pretty sure there is more to come when we’re actually on holiday.

In the interim, here are some more pics from our afternoon walk.

As I upload these months later, I’m still blown away by how gorgeous the town is!

More tomorrow, hopefully!

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